Franklin Sensors ProSensor T11 Professional Stud Finder


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Franklin Sensors ProSensor T11 Uses Franklin Sensors patented Multi-Sense technology across its 11 sensors to accurately detect density changes behind drywall. This allows the T11 to display the edges and center of studs simultaneously. The T11 does not need to be calibrated and can, therefore, start right on top of studs and work immediately. A built in pencil holder with pencil makes projects even easier.

High Accuracy:

Uses 11 sensors to give accurate readings every time;

One-step operation: just press the button; when placed on wall LED lights instantly indicate studs;

Deep Sensing: more sensor pad area than conventional stud finders results in deeper scan;

Triple Accuracy Technology analyzes and triangulates data from all the sensors for highest accuracy;

Built-in  pencil caddy makes this 2 tools in 1!