Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works/Functionality

Other electronic stud finders are only able to sense the wall at one point.  Consequently, they require the user to slide the stud finder back and forth across a wall to “learn” the wall. If there is an inconsistency in the wall at the point of the reading, the readings may be incorrect. The Franklin Sensors Multi-Sense Technology reads multiple points on the wall, all at once, and uses advanced algorithms.   The result is a larger sensing area and deeper, more accurate stud sensing.

Stud finders with a Precision LED Display have LEDs that are spaced just 0.3 inches apart instead of 0.5 inch spacing.  These more tightly spaced LEDs more precisely identify the location of studs.

Multi-Sense Technology is a patented stud sensing technology developed by Franklin Sensors that uses the readings from multiple sensors together with advanced algorithms to accurately pinpoint the location of studs.

Keeping on your hand on the handle will ensure that you get the most accurate readings possible.   If your hand slips off the handle, your hand could interfere with the signals and compromise the accuracy of the readings.  Please keep your hand on the handle for best performance.

Just press and hold the button and begin scanning.  You can press the button before, or after, placing it on the wall.  Once the unit is on the wall, the lights will indicate the position of hidden objects in the wall.  Franklin Sensors stud finders are unique in their ability to instantly find studs.  (Other stud finders have a specific set of steps that must be followed for them to operate correctly).  Note: This is not the case with our 3-sensor models.

Franklin Sensors stud finders don’t require any calibration steps.*  Just press and hold the button, and begin scanning to instantly detect studs. They are easy, quick, and accurate.   

*Our 1-sensor models do require calibration.

Conventional stud finders can only see the wall in one location at a time – as a result the user must slide the stud finder back and forth across the wall to “learn” the wall.   However, Franklin Sensors stud finders have multiple sensors that allow them to see the wall in several locations at once as a result they don’t need any user calibration.  Additionally, more sensors make Franklin Sensors stud finders much more accurate, quicker and easier to use.

Franklin Sensors stud finders use capacitive sensing for detecting studs because capacitive sensing is the most effective sensing technology to detect studs behind varied surfaces. The capacitive sensing combined with Multi-Sense Technology is what makes Franklin Sensors stud finders so effective.

Other electronic stud finders use older electronics and/or older technology.  Comparatively, Franklin Sensors uses the newest electronics and stud finding technology (Multi-Sense Technology). This makes Franklin Sensors stud finders the highest rated stud finders on the market.

Detection Depth and Surfaces

Yes, Franklin Sensors stud finders have multiple sensors allowing them to sense multiple locations on the wall at once. This means they work well on textured walls and ceilings.

We have tested our sensors on several lath and plaster walls and they work well on most lath and plaster walls. However, electronic stud finders only work if the wall surface is reasonably uniform. If a lath and plaster wall has a high degree of inconsistency, stud finders may not work well, or not at all. We cannot guarantee their performance on all lath and plaster walls.

Franklin Sensors stud finders are designed for finding studs through interior surfaces.  They are particularly designed for finding studs through sheetrock. They are not designed for finding studs through exterior surfaces such as roofs and exterior walls, or tile.  

However, you may find success in finding the studs through the opposite side of the wall.  For example, if a surface is covered in tile, check to find the studs on the opposite side of the wall.  Alternatively, you may try taking your reading from an area without tile, either higher or lower on the wall.


Franklin Sensors stud finders are sold at thousands of stores both in the United States and internationally. They are sold at major retailers, including Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Harbor Freight, and Ace Hardware.

Yes. Franklin Sensors holds numerous domestic and international patents.